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How can I register and create my account?
Simple: As soon as you enter the site home you will find the login symbol at the top right (desktop version) or at the bottom right (mobile version). Click on the symbol and a box will appear where you can enter your email and login password. If you are already registered enter the required data, otherwise create your account by clicking on the link “Don’t have an account? create one” at the bottom of the box. In case you have an account, but you simply forgot your login password, just click on the central link “Forgot your password?” in this way you will have the possibility to create a new password and easily access your account. If you need further information, write to us from the area contacts.
How can I place an ad?
SIMPLE: To help you better understand the steps to follow in publishing your ads on “Sell it for me” we have created a video tutorial that you can easily watch by clicking on the following link: Open video.
How can I delete an ad?
SIMPLE: To help you better understand the steps to follow in eliminating your ads on “Sell it for me” we have created a video tutorial that you can easily watch by clicking on the following link: Open video.
Security advice for the seller
  • If you are selling a vehicle or machinery, it is advisable to cover identifying data such as registration number or chassis number before publishing the ad;
  • Be wary of buyers from abroad who ask you for useful documentation for their visit to your premises, with the excuse of wanting to personally inspect your item for sale.
  • If you have decided to accept an advance of money to reserve your object for sale, it is strongly recommended to establish, through a written contract, the agreement of the total price established, the date by which it will remain reserved and beyond which the object will become free again in case it still has to be paid in full. Lastly, also establish the delivery and transport clauses.
Safety advice for the buyer
  • Be wary of ads with prices much lower than the market average;
  • Avoid sending sums of money to poorly certified sellers before having personally inspected the object of your interest.
  • Check the general information and the real existence of the seller who offered you the deal, for this reason it is very useful to perform a search on Google. We also suggest checking the customer’s registration date on the site, visible in the seller’s area. Usually scammers create a fake profile and then delete it and create a new one, so the date of registration on the site will be very recent.
  • ATTENTION: Once you have ascertained that the seller is real and you have decided to make your remote purchase by paying an invoice, check the bank details carefully before making any type of payment, even partial. It is common among scammers to intercept the sales invoice, change the bank details with theirs and send it already modified to the buyer.
  • ATTENTION: Fraudsters usually insist on receiving sums in advance to reserve the sale, also be careful to send photographs of bank checks issued in advance for the purchase of the objects, it is possible to recreate it and cash it with a simple photo.
  • Our security team is always working to try to prevent scams from being published on our advertising systems, but you must be the first to watch out. For any uncertainty you can contact us by writing to us in the area contacts.
Are you looking for a particular car?
SIMPLE, visit the Home and search among the different categories. Try entering a keyword.
Are you a private individual and want to sell your work vehicle?
SIMPLE, register and publish your ad by clicking on the “Insert Ad” button above. IT’S FREE !
Are you a “merchant” and want to create your online resale with all your vehicles?
Easy, register, become a “Seller” and manage your ads in complete autonomy, present your company to a world-class audience and win new customers. SUBSCRIBE, the service is FREE. Send us your request from the “contact” menu

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